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Peter Handke y la manipulación de los nacionalismos

El escándalo Peter Handke [Liberation, online, en PDF; Le Monde, en PDF; Neues Deutschland, online; Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, online] quizá sea intelectualmente uno de los más hondos y trágicos que vive Europa, desde la caída del Muro de Berlín y el derrumbamiento fáustico de la antigua URSS, por dos razones capitales: (1) Nos habla del puesto de escritores, artistas e intelectuales ante la internacionalización de las guerras fratricidas entre nacionalismos, indisociable del proceso de descomposición y muerte de algunos Estados, en Europa. Y (2) denuncia el comportamiento cínico, irresponsable, maniqueo y manipulador de una cierta “gran prensa”. Handke explicó su posición sobre Serbia en su libro Un viaje de invierno por los ríos Danubio, Save, Morava y Drima. Justicia para Serbia (1996). Pero su búsqueda de la verdad, su denuncia del silencio sobre los crímenes que no fueron serbios (OTAN y Francia en primer plano de cinismo cómplice con los criminales no serbios) era en exceso matizada para unos lectores incapaces de leer más allá de quince líneas, pronto olvidadas y suplantadas por unas imágenes engañosas, tomadas por alguien que no sabe lo que está viendo, montadas por alguien que solo aspira a unos segundos de “emoción”, y comentadas por alguien que no siempre está en el lugar de la tragedia, “informado/a” por la publicidad militar de una de las partes en conflicto mortal. [ .. ] Európolis: ● Peter Handke y la manipulación de los nacionalismos. ● ¿ETA?, ¿Chávez?.. ¡Consumamos..!!.


Blogger SUMMA POLITICO said...

Pardon my Amurrican, but I don't wish to offend French sensibilities with mutterings in that beautiful tongue.

The play "DIE KUNST DES FRAGENS, oder die Reise in das sonore Land" happens to be a truly great play; it creates a profound and delicious sense of deep puzzlement in the audience, something that, ordinarily, is achieved only after years of psychoanalysis. No one, it appears, takes this into consideration in a country most of whose important playwrights in the past 50 years are foreign born.

I have known Herr Handke since 1966, personally feel some considerable justified ambivalence about him, little ambivalence if any about most of his work, whose early plays until UEBER DIE DOERFER [Par les Villages, I believe is its French title] I have translaed, and have written extensively on various aspects of Handke, including his involvement in matters Yugo-Slavian. An whole monograph as a matter of fact, most of which can be found at the site:
as can a great deal of other material pertaining to this controversy.

It appears Handke was following his grandfather's road in hoping for a continued federation of the Slavic tribes in the South, also as a counter model to the current European federation. Best as I can tell from this distant perspective, that depends entirely on written texts and documentation, he is not guilty of denial of anything, but of not speaking in platitudes. I only call attention to the melodramatic projection that he writes during his visit to Srebrenice in SOMMERLICHER NACHTRAG, where he has a surrogate Serb express the wish never to have been born a one! But perhaps such a way of putting it is too far off the platitudes in which the media dictator makes the herrings make their expressions. One could of course say: who asked Herr Handke, son of a German army soldier and a mother of the Slovenian minority in the Austrian province of Carinthia to either identify or not with Serbia.

Last year, in 2005, he published an essay in the German magazine LITERATUREN, in which he detailed why he would not appear as a defense witness at Slobodan Milosovic's trial, where I especially liked how he made fun of his own sense of self-righteousness. That he came out in simple defense of the Serbian people against the orchestrated attempt, in Europe, especially in France and Germany, and in the United States, to make them solely responsible for the disintegration of Yugo-Slavia I find worthy of the highest praise, as compared to no end of writers, such as Salmon Rushdie, who were only too ready to join the lyinching mob, or band wagon, as so many pret a porter intellectuals frequently are. Having disassociated himself from the defense of the more and more indefensible Slobodan Milosoviscs - as the trial proceeded and his entire [ i.e. internal party] history became available -- I don't think Handke needed to show up at the funeral, have his photo taken in front of a huge flag like photo of Milosevics, or make any kind of funeral oration. Herr Handke can be as petit bourgeois, exhibitionist and obnoxious - the German word is BORNIERT - as Bozonet. However, a politically highly differentiated position, such as Handke's [most clearly enunciated in his play DAS SPIEL ZUM FILM UEBER DEN KRIEG] becoming the occasion for the cancelling of a play strikes me as one of the odder things to happen in the land of Voltaire. It appears Messieur Bozonet [we would simply call him a 'bozo" in New York], never troubled to inform himself about this complicated matter, or if he had he might have stood up for his author. Nor did he take what we call among Friends/ Quakers "the sense of the meeting" among the other members of the comedie, put the matter up for discussion.
I think those French writers who endorse Bozonet's action might first want to ask themselves whether they ought not mourn the victims of French imperialism, in South East Asia and Africa and the Near East before condemning someone for allegedly failing to express his sympathy with the victims. This kind of behavior only proves how right Herr Handke is in pointing out how most of these so-called humanitarians are "human rights hyenas."
However, THE ONLY THING THAT COUNTS in this instance is THE PLAY. I am glad that there is a controversy over a great play! Perhaps, after all these years, people will start to read again.



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Blogger Juan Pedro Quiñonero said...


¡Gracias por tu comentario!!!
Por la finura de análisis, la precisión de los argumentos y la sensatez del tono.



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